Monday, January 6, 2014

Five Fashion Resolutions of a Fashionista: Re-Visited

Happy 2014, y’all!! It’s that time again to start fresh. Brush off the dust, forget about what happened last year, and start a new page in life. But wait one second, before we start making a list of new fabulous resolutions, it’s only right to pull out those old 2013 resolutions and evaluate how we did. Here is my attempt to do just that. Time to critique…I’m already scared.

See here for the 2013 resolutions posts that I’m referring to.

1. Support local boutiques. For me 2013 was going to be all about staying away from the local mall and chain stores and instead focusing on local business. How did I do? Well, not too shabby. I managed to snag a cute Whitney Port skirt from Apricot Lane, a soft sugar skull scarf from Skip N’ Whistle, and several unique vintage pieces from Retromended Vintage. I give myself half a point for this resolution completion. In 2014 I plan on finding and highlighting on the blog a few more hidden treasures.
Score = 0.5

2. Support local designers. In 2012 I had the honor of attending some great fashion shows in Orlando and I knew that in 2013 I was going to put these pieces in my closet. Okay, I failed. I will admit that. But in my defense, it’s freakin’ hard to buy these pieces! I did try a couple of times and unfortunately the pieces weren’t available. So if you know someone that is a local designer that wants their pieces worn, please contact me!

3. Add more thrifty posts. Finally! A resolution that I knocked out of the park! I was all over the thrift store scene in 2013. As evidenced here, here, and here, to name a few. In fact, probably every post had some thrift store item. I loved tackling this resolution it was both fun and rewarding. I strongly recommend you add it to your fashion resolutions this year.
Score= 1

4. Rework my accessories. Although, I recently had a major jewelry clean out in my closet, I can still probably open up a small Claire’s out of my car from the amount of crap jewelry I own. For 2013 I was determined to help these pieces see the light of day. I did moderately well with this resolution. I managed to incorporate a necklace or two and some handbags to the story. But alas, there is much improvement needed in this area as well.

5. Push the boundaries. Oh yeah, I now remember that I wanted to be daring, wild, and outrageous. Alright, I have no excuse for this one. I continued to hold back. Although, I did wear a boy scout uniform once that got a lot of strange looks out on the street. But I know I can do better than that. Fail.


Overall, I got a 2 out of 5, which is 40% of my 2013 resolutions accomplished. Holy cow, that’s low. That’s not even half! You guys!?! Why didn’t you tell me?? Alright, fine. I’ll take full responsibility. Well, instead of adding more unreachable resolutions to my list for 2014, how about we just try these out one more time. Second time is a charm?

How about you? How did you do on last year’s resolutions? Any that you have to redo this year?

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