Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springing Forward

Look around: the earth is stirring, waking up from a deep slumber. Roses are peeking out of their buds, leaves are squirming out of their stems, and birds are testing their wings against the cool breeze. Spring has sprung and brought with it transformation. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: A Wool Coat

I realize it’s officially Spring, I live in Florida, and I’m wearing a coat. I just couldn’t resist sharing this awesome find with you! Can you believe that I found this wool coat at a thrift store for $5?!! Yes, $5! That’s every Floridian girl’s dream. Rarely do I want to spend $100+ on a coat that I’ll wear once a year or occasionally when I travel up north for work. In fact, I’m notorious for assuming I’ll keep warm during a winter conference with just my business suit. It’s got a coat –err, jacket thing, right? Wrong. It’s really cold up north. Not Florida cold. But I don’t learn and I continue to freeze. Admittedly, I endure frost bite because I feel that nothing within my budget looks sophisticated enough for that kind of event. So, I hit a gold mine when I saw this piece at the thrift store! Besides the amazing cost, the silky lining makes me feel like I’ve splurged on a designer coat. You’ve heard of the “Power Suit”? Well, this feels like the “Power Coat”. Cold chill, blizzard, or snow storm can’t keep me from my next winter conference! Finally, I won’t be the girl shivering in the business suit while other attendees roll their eyes and go, “She must be from Florida.”

Fashion Tip: Think of creative ways to make the thrift store pieces your own. My coat had missing buttons and no belt but that didn’t stop me from taking it home! Buttons, fitting, and missing accessories can all be fixed. Just add a little patience and love!

What I’m Rockin’:
Wool coat – Thrift store
Blue silk tunic – Heritage 1981
Necklace - Beya
Black tights – Target
Boots – Charlotte Russe

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Girl and Her First Louboutins

Ever take the moment to think about the special gifts you’ve received in your life that left a lasting impression? A recent surprise birthday gift has had me thinking about those special first gifts. My first Barbie, bike with training wheels, make-up set, and of course, heels are just a few of those gifts that invoke cherished memories of my childhood. My recent surprise birthday gift will be forever ranked as one of those adored first gifts. A pair of Christian Louboutin! I’m not in a place in my life where I can enjoy that kind of luxury so this day will be permanently etched in my memory. Why is it so special? Well, I found out that my husband and family united to research all they could about Christian Louboutin and save their hard earned money just to buy me shoes! And now, these will always be more than a pair of shoes for me. Imagine my poor family calling and visiting Christian Louboutin vendors all over the state! They never gave up, they never judged, and they never thought it would be a silly purchase. All they wanted was to put a smile on my face and it was definitely accomplished. I will always remember this day as the day that my family put aside all reason and splurged just for me, just to get me my very first Louboutin.

Honestly, I hesitated posting this video because I reacted so dorky and silly. But it really shows how I felt that day. I can write about it but nothing captures the moment like a video! Plus, it gives you a glimpse of who I am.  After all, you read my blog (I love you for that)! I apologize for all the background noise. This was not a planned video!

What surprise gifts have left a lasting memory in your life?  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Neutrals

How fun are spring trends lately? Bright, bold colors, and stripes are just some of my favorite. Actually, I’ve been so crazy about these trends that the neutral clothing in my closet has been neglected. The poor things. I skip over them as I reach for my purple jeans and bright yellow shirt and they cry a little inside. As an equal opportunity fashion lover, I decided it was time to put a stop to it by taking my favorite neutrals out of the closet and into the sunlight.

Now, I didn’t pick just any neutrals, I picked neutrals that reminded me of one of my favorite places. The beach! A beach-blue ruffle skirt spices up my sand-colored cardigan. I then added an oh-so-cute owl pendant to complete the beach-inspired neutrals look!
What clothing of yours have you been ignoring lately and what will you do to add it back into your life?

Fashion Tip: Be inspired to wear your neutrals by incorporating some of your favorite accessories! Any color is fair game for your accessories so be creative with those pendants, necklaces, or fashionable earrings!

What I’m Rockin:
Ruffle skirt: Express
Cardigan: Taken from my sister
Cream colored undershirt: Charlotte Russe
Owl Pendant: c/o Mango
Assorted Bracelets: Nordstrom Rack
Wedges: Marshalls

Friday, March 9, 2012

My airport oasis: Mango

Mickey Mouse ears, screaming children, and large crowds. No, it’s not Disney World.  It’s the Orlando International Airport. I am acutely aware of the environment at this airport because I visit it more than I visit my own parents. For my day job, I get the pleasure (and stress) of traveling all over the United States and at times it can be several times a month. So, it’s fair to say that I’m pretty familiar with this airport. Due to my constant visits and wait times, I’ve perused (more than once) the shopping center found before you reach the security line. Come on; don’t act like you wouldn’t either! Usually, I’m underwhelmed (to say the least) at the stores at the airport. They are good enough to pass the time but rarely do I dish out money to purchase anything. The mood to shop quickly disappears when I’m dealing with lost tourists, luggage, and annoyed sales associates. Well, on my most recent trip I saw an oasis, right in the middle of the airport. As I passed by the crowds checking their flights on the screen, I saw a sign from the corner of my eye…GASP! Could it be? A Mango store in Orlando!! Eeek!!

I rushed over to make sure this wasn’t just an illusion. My heavy laptop and big coats didn’t slow me down and I just kept saying, “it’s not a mirage…it’s not a mirage.” It wasn’t! There it was in all its glory! Oddly enough, there were no large crowds, no lost tourists, and no screaming children. It truly was an oasis. The sales associates were welcoming with their warm smiles and the clothes sparkled under the decorative lights. It’s official, Mango has returned to Orlando. Obviously, I purchased a few goodies so stay tuned to see how I styled some of their amazing spring pieces!!

Where do you go for retail therapy?

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Monday, March 5, 2012

It’s a Bird, It’s a Train… No, it’s Fashion!

You may have noticed that I have a fascination with old trains (see this post).  No surprise that I was intrigued by this colorful and whimsical one. I couldn't resist striking a pose with a train that looks like it was pulled straight out of a 1920’s children’s toy set! This life sized toy brought memories of my own childhood. I quickly realized it would be the perfect match for my playful bird blouse!

The pattern of vibrant birds reminds me of the bright shirts I would wear in elementary school. But now it’s a modernized and mature version. As soon as I saw the blouse my 5-year old inner Iris screeched with joy. I quickly snatched it up! She screeched again when I passed this train. I felt like little Iris playing with my old train set while wearing my Rainbow Brite inspired outfits. Life sized toys mixed with fanciful fashion…what more can a little girl ask for?

What fashion brings back memories of your childhood?

Fashion Tip: Bored of pairing your patterned tops with solid colored bottoms? Try pairing it with tweed bottoms. Tweed will add color and texture to your patterned tops!

What I'm Rockin':
Blouse - Lily White via Millenium Nordstrom Rack
Shorts - Forever21
Heels - Qupid
Bracelets - Gift
Belt - Goodwill (also worn here)