Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little boho, A little hippie, All Chic

Did you ever have an outfit that you were DYING to wear but the right time just wouldn’t arrive? That’s how I felt about this look. I’ve been staring at this Willie Skirt from the WE by Whitney Eve collection for weeks. But of course the moment I want to wear something that requires warm weather it decides to be cold in Florida. So there I was, staring longingly at this skirt until the day finally arrived.

Slipping on this gorgeous flowy skirt made me connect with my inner flower child. I felt a sudden urge to run barefoot through a forest with the cool winter breeze flowing through my flower-filled hair. But then I realized—wait, I don’t like running or running barefoot either. Nevermind. Well, I may have suppressed the desires of my inner flower child but at least it served as an inspiration. Here’s a much more chic version of that dream. You should try it out for yourself (quickly because these have been selling out fast), the nice thing about this skirt is that it’s perfect to transform into whatever mood you dream!

What I’m Rockin':
Willie Skirt – Whitney Port’s clothing line exclusively made for Apricot Lane (Courtesy of Apricot Lane - Thank you!)
Navy Blue shirt – Ann Taylor Loft
Embroidered top – Ever (at Las Vegas Town Square)
Blue pumps – Brand new at thrift store!
Necklace – La Nora (at Las Vegas Town Square)


  1. The color of your skirt is so gorgeous. I love this pairing!

  2. I love that skirt! And I totally know how you feel.

    I came across your blog on Bloglovin and I'm so glad I did. I'm following you now.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I love every detail of your outfit!!!
    I'm you new follower!!!