Monday, January 7, 2013

Five Fashion Resolutions of a Fashionista

Happy New Year! The New Year is all about a fresh start, an opportunity to challenge yourself and try new things. Start a new hobby, visit your dream place—whatever it is, it’s the chance to make a better version of you! While I have a long list of ambitious resolutions, the ones that are interesting enough to share are my fashion resolutions. And I've learned that one of the best tricks for reaching goals is to share them with friends. That way there is accountability and no cheating. Let’s see if it works out for me!

1. Support Local Boutiques

I can’t deny the excitement I feel when finding an ultra fab blazer for $12.00 at Forever 21. But, I’m starting to notice that my closet is looking more and more like the masses and less and less like me. That was never my intention. I need to bring back some of the uniqueness that was originally in my closet. Although I can’t afford a $100 screen tee, I am going to wean off as much as I can from chain stores and look for basic pieces from local boutiques. Plus, I’ll be supporting local business. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean I’ll only buy one item this year!

2. Support Local Designers

(Collage: Florida designer Jason Louis Studnicky)

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts (see here), this blog has been the avenue for meeting a lot of great talent. This year I not only want to showcase local fashion designers on the blog but I also want to incorporate some of their looks to my own style. And that means even more support for local business!

3. Add More Thirfty Posts

(Collage of thrift store posts)

I am constantly hunting for phenomenal pieces at the thrift store. I can't get enough of the challenge and adrenaline rush of beating someone to a fabulous $2 blouse. Yet, I've noticed that I rarely take the time to highlight those pieces on the blog. This year I will make an effort to feature more of those quirky items on IFF.

4. Rework my accessories

(Collage of accessories)

There was a time when my family and friends knew me as the accessories Queen. I was the go-to person for borrowing earrings, bracelets, rings, scarves, belts, shoes—you name it. Lately, that title has been slipping away. It is probably a combo of laziness and boredom with my current pieces. Right now my pearl studs are in WAY too heavy of a rotation. This year I vow to once again find the magic in my pieces and wear them frequently.

5. Push the Boundaries

Every once in a while I try something wacky or curious that I don’t typically wear just to liven things up. But these fashion risks rarely make it on the blogosphere. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe I’m too shy or maybe I think they aren’t good enough. But this year I want to share with you guys just how fun it is to experiment. Just the other day the hubby asked, “Are you wearing a curtain?” If that doesn’t prove taking a fashion risk, I don’t know what does.

Alright, now you have my confessions...err, resolutions. I’ll post these resolutions again at the end of 2013 to see what I actually accomplished. Now you guys have to hold me accountable!

Do you have any fashion resolutions?


  1. I sure do have some style resolutions, the first is to work with more patterns and the second is to buy less on the impulse.

    1. I totally feel ya on the impulse buying. What I do now is keep a list with me of the items that I want to get. That way when I go to the store I can look at the list and go, "No, Iris. You don't need that. What you need is.." That's been working out really great for me!

  2. Support local designers was on my list too!! Great minds think alike!:) Just discovered your blog through Daily Style Buzz!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Yes, love it..everyone should support their local designers!

  3. Great resolutions. I want to support more local boutiques and thrift stores too!

    1. Awesome! We should check them out together :-)

  4. I absolutely love these resolutions. I think with my current change in office space, these resolutions I can definitely get behind. Being inspired by change, I'm sure I will enjoy the rest of 2013 in doing so. Can't wait to see what you have in store... oxox!