Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Post: Orlando's Fashion's Night In

Lovely IFF readers, allow me to introduce you to Jordan! A very sweet girl and awesome blogger. I invited her to tell us about her experience at Orlando's Fashion Night In. Enjoy!

I recently attended the CFL Blog Conference and met a ton of new, fun bloggers! Iris was one of them... I loved her outfit that day, and knew from our conversations that we could be IRL (in real life) friends as well as blogging friends!

I recently moved to the area and work for the and helping people find the perfect apartment for them out of the many apartments in Orlando that will fit their needs and budget. It's been fun to find new people to be friends with as well as fun stores to shop at!

Enough about my job though, let's talk fashion!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Endless Summer

Can you believe today is the official last day of summer? Say it isn’t so! It’s my favorite season, so it brings sadness to my heart. Luckily, I'm well prepared to deal with this temperature change -- I live in Florida. There you go, problem solved. Well, not really because Orlando dares to be too cold for comfort in the November and December months (Sheesh!). So, flip-flops and cute crop tops aren’t really an option at that point. But, I will do my best to keep the summer months alive in my heart, if I can’t in my wardrobe. Since I’m not ready to say good-bye, this post is dedicated to one of my favorite summer pieces. The crop top.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fashion's Night Out in Orlando

It might not be New York, Milan, or Paris but Mall at the Millenia in Orlando sure knows how to celebrate Fashion’s Night Out. I made it to Neiman Marcus right on time for the fashion show and even managed to grab some seats before they were all taken. The styling was beautiful, of course. They featured some great fall trends: mixed greens, versatile jackets, navy paired with blacks and brights, menswear influenced pieces fitted for women, and (my favorite) digital prints. Sigh, if only I had an endless supply of money.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Inspiration Captured: The Puerto Rico Version

Ever have one of those moments where you are in a familiar place that you’ve been to several times but suddenly something feels very new? I get that feeling every time I look through my camera lens. Something about peering through that lens, changes the dynamic of a place. All of a sudden, items that seemed old and boring have a new life and look fresh and charming.