Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: A Tribute to the Discarded

“Latest and Greatest”

In our everyday lives it seems like we are constantly being marketed with those simple words. “Get it now – it’s the latest and greatest.” We yearn for that new car smell and get consumed with keeping an item in mint condition. Could it be that without even noticing we have become so obsessed with the idea of “newness” that in the process we’ve forgotten the intrigue of “distinctiveness” and “old charm”? Instead, we describe those items as used, ordinary, bland and cast them aside.

Well, here’s to the forgotten and the discarded.

This jacket was under a pile of clothes that was surely not going to be rediscovered. Sure it was a little worn but that’s an indication that the owner truly loved it. I celebrate its aged beauty with layers of sparkling jewels and proudly show it off to the world.

What I’m Rockin’:
Jacket – Thrift store
Striped shirt – H&M
Capris – Marshalls
Boots – Charlotte Russe
Black/Gold necklace – Nordstrom Rack
Faux diamond necklace – Gift from my madre
Bolt ring - Beautytease


  1. I love this posttttttt!!!!! I adore going to Thrift stores I always find really cool things!!!

    A friend from Puerto Rico!!!
    Taryn xoxo

    1. Thank you!! Yay a friend from PR!! <3

  2. Girl, that bling!!!!!!! Fabulous. Love this look and you wear it so well!

    1. Haha you know I gotta rock that bling! Thanks!