About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the fashion world!

I am originally from Puerto Rico and was mostly raised in Miami. I recently got married (Yay! Newlywed!)  and moved to Orlando, which is my husband’s home town. Admittedly, it was not love at first sight with the city BUT it is growing on me! I’ve had a chance to attend fashion festivities around town and I’m always being inspired by the Orlando fashionistas. This inspiration and curiosity towards Orlando fashion has fueled the birth of this fashion blog. I’m hoping this blog will help my love for Central Florida grow and blossom. So here I am… with an open mind and an open heart for my blog and this city… I hope you enjoy it!

About My Style

This is a personal style blog so here is a little info about my ever-changing style. If I had to depict my style I would say eclectic. I don’t like to take myself too serious when it comes to fashion.  Although, that has led to some pretty questionable outfits so I apologize ahead of time if those show up! But is fashion entertaining if you can’t be daring, adventurous, and fun?? I hope to inspire others with my style while I continue to learn more from all of you! If you have a fashion blog let me know, I love reading them!

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Comments? Questions? Or just want to say wassup? 

Email me at: styleofiris@gmail.com

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