Friday, January 31, 2014

A Floral Winter

Holy-freakin’-blizzard, it’s cold and rainy outside! I live in Florida and I’m freezin’ my butt off, which means you are likely really, really cold too. You can probably imagine that as a Florida girl I don’t have a variety of winter outfits so I have to get pretty darn creative when the temperatures start dropping. This means that everything in my closet is fair game. There are no such things as seasonal clothes or fashion rules. What’s that you say? A spring floral vest for winter?! Gasp! No, it’s true. Now it’s my winter floral vest and it works great. Throw on a scarf and some sexy heels and bam. Spring turns winter.

Here’s to hoping that I don’t have to figure out how to make my bikini a winter item…

How are you staying toasty this winter?

What I’m Rockin’:
Vest - Mural Utility Vest via Nordstrom
Shirt - Forever 21
Pants - Fire Los Angeles via Nordstrom Rack
Heels - Sofia Vergara via Kmart
Scarf - Pashmina worn as snood scarf (gifted)
Earrings - Retromended Vintage


  1. that vest is adorable! i love the print!

  2. Tell me about it girl... this single digit weather is making me miss Southern California SO much!! Love that pretty print!
    Nikki at