Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Maxi Skirt and BCBG clutch in Chicago

It was my first night in Chicago. The plan was to go Navy Pier and then to an amazing dinner at Girl and the Goat. I wasn’t privy to all the details of the evening so you know what happens to my imagination, it quickly finds ways to fill in the holes. I began planning my outfit…

Monday, July 16, 2012

Micro Mini: The Thrifty Tweed Skirt

“Clothes look best on tall women.” If you are petite, you’ve probably heard that several times before. Well, pssssh to that I say. There is one thing that petite girls can seriously rock and that’s the micro mini. They look short but not so short that you wonder if you are going to get an unwelcomed preview. Maxi skirts, knee-length skirts, and mid-calf skirts on petite girls are sure to raise a few eyebrows by onlookers (although, that has never stopped me before and it shouldn’t stop you either). But not the micro mini, it flatters petite legs by making them look longer and leaner, like they belong on a runway model (or at least a taller girl). Better yet, we can wear them just about anywhere because it doesn’t look inappropriately short. Night out? Shopping? Hell, just doing some grocery shopping? Throw on that micro mini. You know I’m doing it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Accessories that “Beat the Heat”: From Head to Toe

If your gym routine consists of running from an air conditioned office, to an air conditioned car, to an air conditioned home, then you are most certainly finding yourself in the dead of summer. Oh how we longed for these days in the chilly winter. But somehow are memory deceived us because we never remember it quite as hot, quite as sticky, and quite as annoying. Still, we are troopers, beating the sun and chugging on with our day-to-day tasks. In an attempt to make those days a little less stifling I’ve posted about outfits (here), beauty products (here), and hair-styles (here) to help keep you cool, calm, and collected.

Yet, I know what you're thinking, “Iris, but I don’t really want to change anything major. Isn’t there one or two quick fixes?” Of course there is, let’s talk about some essential accessories for beating the heat that well go perfectly with any of your ensembles. From head to toe:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sofia Vergara Wedges: Proud and Sexy

“Hello, I’m Sofia Vergara, and I’m not afraid to work with what I’ve got. I say, if you got this, show this. You’re a woman, so dress like a woman. Be proud. Be sexy.”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hair Tricks to “Beat the Heat”: Buns and Accessories

One of the trickiest parts of surviving the summer heat is getting your hair under control. When going out during the summer, I’d much rather remind people of an Aphrodite-like silky, shiny hair rather than a Medusa-like snake tangled hair. But humidity, heat, and wind make it difficult for any of us to display our Goddess tresses.So what do I do to keep it alluring but still in control? I revamp the bun.

I would love to say that I wear my hair long, down, and flowy, but that’s just not true. I spend most of my summers with my hair picked up to stay fresh and flawless. But summer is very long here in Florida (uh...most of the year) so wearing a bun can get old and unappealing very fast. Fortunately, I’ve picked up a few ways to make an otherwise plain hairstyle feel a little more divine. Use these tips to bring out your inner hair Goddess even in the fieriest of summers.