Thursday, March 7, 2013

4 Essential Pieces for your Florida Winter Outfit

Winter is finally coming to an end. No more cold days and freezing nights. Say good-bye to branches with no leaves and the constant blanket of snow. Alright, who am I kidding? I live in Florida. A few days ago it dropped to a frigid 50 degrees and everyone freaked out over here (admittedly, I was one of them). While I can’t provide you with words of wisdom on how to survive the end of this cold winter, I can provide you with tips on how to survive winters in Florida like a true Floridian. Here are some essentials:

1. Colorful jeans. Winter grays and blues mean nothing here. Bust out the bright purple and neon yellow. If you are near a palm tree and a beach, it is excuse enough to wear bright colors regardless of the weather outside.

2. Layers. I guarantee it will be hot in the afternoon and then oddly cold in the evening. So prepare to layer. But I’m not talking about layering like you are up North. It’s about Florida layering. This includes a very light tank over a regular tank, over a classic denim jacket. That’s about as elaborate as you need to get.

3. The perfect scarf. Don’t fool yourself and try to get an extra thick lined scarf. You won’t ever use it. The scarf I’m wearing is from Skip N' Whistle and it is made out of jersey material. It’s super soft and thick enough to keep you warm in the evenings but light enough to wear all day. And the super cool graphic makes it pretty spectacular.

4. Sandals. That’s right, I said sandals in winter. Because no matter how cold it is, true Floridians will wear sandals during any temperature. Probably because we don’t own anything else, but mostly because we refuse to admit that it can get cold in Florida.

How do you survive the end of winter where you live?

What I'm Rockin:
Jeans- Nordstrom Rack (I also wore it here)
Blouse- Collective Concepts via Nordstrom Rack
Denim Jacket – American Eagle
Scarf- c/o Skip N’ Whistle (get yours here)
Sandals- Got a few years back

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  1. As a Floridian, I concur with your tips. I also like to wear a lot of flats during "winter". Great locations in your shots!

    1. Awesome! I'm glad I have the agreement of a fellow Floridian!