Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrifty Thursday DIY: 7 Steps to a Fabulous Skirt

Here’s a fun Thrifty Thursday treat—a DIY! In case you haven’t noticed, it’s actually the first DIY on IFF!

This idea emerged when I realized that lately I’ve been mending, changing, and re-styling most of the clothes I’ve purchased at the thrift store. Not necessarily because they don’t fit me (although sometimes that is the case), but because it’s so much freakin’ fun. It gives me a chance to give an old piece some new life and excitement. One of my latest finds was a long (and in all honesty, a little bit tacky) Talbots skirt. I had a vision of a fabulous piece and with some love I knew it would be fulfilled. Here’s the DIY on how I easily turned this skirt from matronly to sexy.

Materials You’ll Need:

Steps to a Fabulous Skirt:

1. Try on the skirt and measure how long you would like it. Tip: While you are wearing the skirt, use pins to mark spots all the way around. Lay the skirt on a flat surface and measure all the way around to make sure it is the same length. Mark the length with the tailors chalk.

2.Measure the original inseam of the skirt.

3. Add the length of the original inseam to your markings from Step 1. In my case, I measured 2 inches to my original length. This is the amount that will be folded in.

4. Cut at the markings from Step 3.

5. Fold the fabric over where you made your original markings from Step 1 and pin. At this point your skirt is the exact length you wanted.

6. Sew your skirt. Follow the diagram below. When threading the needle through the fabric try to grab as little as possible so it shows minimally on the right side of the skirt. Then, pull the needle through the two pieces. Continue to make a series of equally spaced diagonal stiches.

7. Iron and style. Voila!


  1. Wow! Super cool. Love the skirt!

  2. Love this get up, so fabulous and chic! The skirt looks really amazing. I have some thrifted finds that definitely need some repurposing so maybe I'll rummage through and see if anything might be right for this! Thanks for sharing!