Friday, March 9, 2012

My airport oasis: Mango

Mickey Mouse ears, screaming children, and large crowds. No, it’s not Disney World.  It’s the Orlando International Airport. I am acutely aware of the environment at this airport because I visit it more than I visit my own parents. For my day job, I get the pleasure (and stress) of traveling all over the United States and at times it can be several times a month. So, it’s fair to say that I’m pretty familiar with this airport. Due to my constant visits and wait times, I’ve perused (more than once) the shopping center found before you reach the security line. Come on; don’t act like you wouldn’t either! Usually, I’m underwhelmed (to say the least) at the stores at the airport. They are good enough to pass the time but rarely do I dish out money to purchase anything. The mood to shop quickly disappears when I’m dealing with lost tourists, luggage, and annoyed sales associates. Well, on my most recent trip I saw an oasis, right in the middle of the airport. As I passed by the crowds checking their flights on the screen, I saw a sign from the corner of my eye…GASP! Could it be? A Mango store in Orlando!! Eeek!!

I rushed over to make sure this wasn’t just an illusion. My heavy laptop and big coats didn’t slow me down and I just kept saying, “it’s not a mirage…it’s not a mirage.” It wasn’t! There it was in all its glory! Oddly enough, there were no large crowds, no lost tourists, and no screaming children. It truly was an oasis. The sales associates were welcoming with their warm smiles and the clothes sparkled under the decorative lights. It’s official, Mango has returned to Orlando. Obviously, I purchased a few goodies so stay tuned to see how I styled some of their amazing spring pieces!!

Where do you go for retail therapy?

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  1. How fun! Especially since it was a little haven of peace for awhile. I love the rack of scarves. I'll take one of each!

  2. Say what! I'm in OIA a lot too! Can't believe I missed this!

  3. That's such a random place for a Mango, interesting.

  4. Well, I'm glad I can help you out :-) And in turn hurt your wallet just a tad...haha

  5. That is definitely an interesting place for a Mango store!