Monday, March 12, 2012

Beach Neutrals

How fun are spring trends lately? Bright, bold colors, and stripes are just some of my favorite. Actually, I’ve been so crazy about these trends that the neutral clothing in my closet has been neglected. The poor things. I skip over them as I reach for my purple jeans and bright yellow shirt and they cry a little inside. As an equal opportunity fashion lover, I decided it was time to put a stop to it by taking my favorite neutrals out of the closet and into the sunlight.

Now, I didn’t pick just any neutrals, I picked neutrals that reminded me of one of my favorite places. The beach! A beach-blue ruffle skirt spices up my sand-colored cardigan. I then added an oh-so-cute owl pendant to complete the beach-inspired neutrals look!
What clothing of yours have you been ignoring lately and what will you do to add it back into your life?

Fashion Tip: Be inspired to wear your neutrals by incorporating some of your favorite accessories! Any color is fair game for your accessories so be creative with those pendants, necklaces, or fashionable earrings!

What I’m Rockin:
Ruffle skirt: Express
Cardigan: Taken from my sister
Cream colored undershirt: Charlotte Russe
Owl Pendant: c/o Mango
Assorted Bracelets: Nordstrom Rack
Wedges: Marshalls


  1. You nailed the beach inspiration. I love the ruffled skirt!!!

  2. What a cute outfit! I really love that owl necklace.

  3. Thanks! They had a really cute white one too!

  4. Thank you! I like how ruffle skirts make me feel girly ;-)

  5. I adore your necklace, and you look so gorgeous!!