Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: A Wool Coat

I realize it’s officially Spring, I live in Florida, and I’m wearing a coat. I just couldn’t resist sharing this awesome find with you! Can you believe that I found this wool coat at a thrift store for $5?!! Yes, $5! That’s every Floridian girl’s dream. Rarely do I want to spend $100+ on a coat that I’ll wear once a year or occasionally when I travel up north for work. In fact, I’m notorious for assuming I’ll keep warm during a winter conference with just my business suit. It’s got a coat –err, jacket thing, right? Wrong. It’s really cold up north. Not Florida cold. But I don’t learn and I continue to freeze. Admittedly, I endure frost bite because I feel that nothing within my budget looks sophisticated enough for that kind of event. So, I hit a gold mine when I saw this piece at the thrift store! Besides the amazing cost, the silky lining makes me feel like I’ve splurged on a designer coat. You’ve heard of the “Power Suit”? Well, this feels like the “Power Coat”. Cold chill, blizzard, or snow storm can’t keep me from my next winter conference! Finally, I won’t be the girl shivering in the business suit while other attendees roll their eyes and go, “She must be from Florida.”

Fashion Tip: Think of creative ways to make the thrift store pieces your own. My coat had missing buttons and no belt but that didn’t stop me from taking it home! Buttons, fitting, and missing accessories can all be fixed. Just add a little patience and love!

What I’m Rockin’:
Wool coat – Thrift store
Blue silk tunic – Heritage 1981
Necklace - Beya
Black tights – Target
Boots – Charlotte Russe


  1. Certainly a great find for $5!! Perfect for Florida because if you only wear it once a year, you won't feel bad!!

  2. What a great find ! The coat looks great on you and fits so well ! I live in Florida also and I find a lot of coats, jackets and blazers for $5.00 and under !

  3. This blog is so lovely and you are stunning. I absolutely love your work and I think the world of your blog! Keep it up girl. You have a follower in me!

  4. I know! That's the best part. Guilt-free item that can sit in the closet!

  5. Thanks! Isn't it awesome...just $5!

  6. Thank you so much and thank you for the kind words!!! I'm glad you like it!