Monday, March 5, 2012

It’s a Bird, It’s a Train… No, it’s Fashion!

You may have noticed that I have a fascination with old trains (see this post).  No surprise that I was intrigued by this colorful and whimsical one. I couldn't resist striking a pose with a train that looks like it was pulled straight out of a 1920’s children’s toy set! This life sized toy brought memories of my own childhood. I quickly realized it would be the perfect match for my playful bird blouse!

The pattern of vibrant birds reminds me of the bright shirts I would wear in elementary school. But now it’s a modernized and mature version. As soon as I saw the blouse my 5-year old inner Iris screeched with joy. I quickly snatched it up! She screeched again when I passed this train. I felt like little Iris playing with my old train set while wearing my Rainbow Brite inspired outfits. Life sized toys mixed with fanciful fashion…what more can a little girl ask for?

What fashion brings back memories of your childhood?

Fashion Tip: Bored of pairing your patterned tops with solid colored bottoms? Try pairing it with tweed bottoms. Tweed will add color and texture to your patterned tops!

What I'm Rockin':
Blouse - Lily White via Millenium Nordstrom Rack
Shorts - Forever21
Heels - Qupid
Bracelets - Gift
Belt - Goodwill (also worn here)


  1. super cute shorts!

  2. That top is gorgeous! I love the colors and pattern. And I like that you mixed it with tweed shorts.

  3. What cute pictures and I love the outfit. I have those heels. For some reason, wearing Converse sneakers makes me feel like a kid again. I adore them.

  4. Thanks! Wearing sneakers in general makes me feel like I'm 14. But probably because I look 14 in them..haha. Cool you got the same heels..great minds think alike!

  5. Great post and the train is so much fun ;)


    Ps- Thanks for your lovely comment...I am now following you on bloglovin if you would like to do the same? :)

  6. Super cute pics,i love the outfir and the shoes:X
    I follow you already,visit me and if you like it please follow me back
    xoxo Teo

  7. EverythingprettygirlsMarch 7, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    You look absolutely gorgeous!! i love these photos! Mary janes remind me of my childhood... and i love wearing them!