Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Vintage Affair

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Resurrect at Retromended Vintage. It combined all of my favorite things: local artists, hot music, delicious treats, and vintage fashion. Could it be any more perfect? This was my first time at Retromended Vintage and it was just as cute and quirky as I expected.

I stepped into the quaint boutique and it was an instant flash to the past. As I walked around, touching the luxurious fabrics, and trying on the majestic jewelry I had an eerie feeling. Was this deja vu? Had I been here before? Then, I realized it wasn’t the store. It was that every blouse, every skirt, every necklace resembled pieces that once played a role in my life. It was my fashion history coming together in one store! There was a graphic shirt that looked just like one I had back in the early 90’s. And I could have sworn there was a floral dress that was an exact replica of a dress that my mom wore in her teenage years. Before I had even purchased anything I already felt an emotional attachment to all of the pieces. My flashbacks continued as I circled the store and tried on clothes. And I wasn’t the only one reminiscing with each item. The store owner, Brandy Tezak, makes the experience even more nostalgic by sharing the story behind every piece you purchase. Again, could this place be any more perfect??

Needless to say, I bought some amazing pieces I can’t wait to share. Stay tuned!

(Above: With fellow Orlando fashion bloggers LisaSails and J9Style)

P.S. For those keepin’ tabs, this post was inspired by my New Year’s Fashion Resolutions.

What I’m Rockin’:
Dress- Pinky
Cardigan- Kerri Kelsey via HauteLook
Shoes- Marshalls
Crossbody bag- Thrift store


  1. It was great to see you! We must do it again soon!

  2. I saw your outfit on janine´s post today. I love the pop of red on your printed dress. I´m glad you girls had fun. :)

    1. Thank you! I love Janine's blog... a friend of hers is definitely a friend of mine :-)

  3. I love shopping vintage. You look great!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. Lovely vintage outfit girl! xo

  5. Love the combination of the sneakers with the dress. Cute!