Friday, December 28, 2012

Florida Designers at Life’s a Label Fashion Show

Happy Holidays from IFF! Has it been as crazy a holiday for you as it has been for me? Well, I’m just glad to get back to what’s important…blogging! I have a couple of posts I’ve been excited to share so let’s get this party started…

Part of the fun of getting to know Orlando and growing this blog is being able to meet and see the work of local fashion designers. It’s impossible to not be inspired by people who have a deep love and passion for fashion as an art form. I recently experienced this excitement for fashion at Life’s a Label Fashion Show produced by Welcome Home Entertainment, which features local up and coming Florida designers. It was great to see how the designers embodied Florida style but added their own twist and flavor. But as the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so I will leave you with some of my favorite looks from the event. There was a lot of great local talent at the show and I will be featuring them on future posts.

(Above: LoloDaisy by Lorena, 17-year old fashion designer and model, she's the 4th model from left to right)

(Above: Jason Louis Studnicky designs)

(Above: Cheyenne Kimora designs)

What do you think of the looks? Do you have a favorite local designer from your area?


  1. some of the dresses are very nice. It is always nice to meet new people :0


  2. wow amazing post!!
    the last dress is really cool

  3. These are all great designs, and the dresses are all fabulous! I hope you had a great holiday Iris

  4. How cool to be accomplishing your dreams at just 17 years old?! My favorite is the yellow dress!

    The Fashionable ESQ