Friday, February 17, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist!

My Birthday Wish List

Mango zipper jacket
£70 -

Mango jacket
£35 -

Mango jacket
£35 -

ASOS high heel boots
$63 -

$42 -

$50 -

President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Leap Year month are what comes to mind when thinking of February. But for me, there is another special event. My birthday! This year we are heading back to Miami for a fun-filled (and hopefully relaxing) weekend in South Beach. I’m thrilled because I am in serious need of a vacation.

As a kickoff to my bday weekend I decided it would be fun to compile a birthday wishlist. While developing this list, my  Christmas Wish List  came to mind. Then, I thought – wait just one darn second, Santa Clause didn’t get me anything on that list! That sneaky little --. Anyways, after my initial shock I realized that may have been my fault. I guess that wishlist would have required Santa Clause to take out a loan on his toy factory. Okay, lesson learned. To increase my odds on gift receiving this time around, I made this wishlist a lot more practical and  based on things that are currently on my “things to buy when I run into some extra cash” list. I love that this wishlist includes both classic pieces that I can style a million different ways and trendy accessories to keep it updated and fresh. I’ll keep you posted if anything appears this weekend!

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  1. Happy early birthday Iris :) I love all these picks and the prices are rather reasonable so I hope you get everything :)