Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall into Pink

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are floating off the Palm trees. Fall has arrived! But instead of turning to the muddled browns, mossy greens, and somber blacks, I’ve noticed I’m turning to another go-to color: delicious, fun, flirty hot pink. Proof? You can see my penchant for incorporating pink into my outfits here and here. Finally I can say, “Take THAT fall. I’ll wear all the bright colors I want!!”

This bright pink is an automatic pick-me-up, reminding me of carnival cotton candy, every single one of my Barbie’s accessories, and sweet bubblegum. It’s my fashionable rebellion against dull and dreary fall and a natural addition to my wardrobe. Work it into yours too!

Fashion Tip: Fight the instinct to neutralize your brightly colored jeans with a staple black or white tee. Instead, welcome the color into your life! Bust out a color wheel (you can check one out here: Basic Color Theory) and choose complimentary tones to finish out and brighten up your look. Most importantly, don’t forget to "rock it out" because fashion is all about confidence.

What I’m Rockin:
Pink jeans: Celebrity Pink by Macy’s
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Beya
Watch: Bijoux Terner
Belt: Forever 21
Sunnies: D&G


  1. Oooo, I already have a chambray shirt, but this one is CUTE! Love the hot pink pants too - this is the perfect pairing!

  2. LOVE this look! your jeans and the necklace are super cute :)


    Fashion Fractions

  3. Love this look! Colored bottoms are so fun. They are great for playing with the colorblocking trend :)

  4. woah ! these pants r real BRIGHT and fun to play with!
    loved it !


  5. EverythingprettygirlsNovember 29, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    LOVE these pants!!! Your whole outfit is fantastic.


  6. Those pink pants are too fabulous!


  7. HEHEHE....I have both of these pieces! When I first saw the shirt I thought that's old navy and I have it! Then I saw the jeans and thought hmmm same ones from macy's celebrity jeans? We're officially identical style twins Iris ;)

  8. Yay style twins!! I always wanted a twin! hahaha Didn't you tweet the Macy's special for the Celebrity Jeans? I think I got that code from you! If so... thanks for the jean hook-up!!

  9. Absolutely LOVE these bright pink pants! It looks great with the chambray and I'm all for wearing brights for fall. No reason we need to wear dark colors!

  10. those pink pants look awesome on you, love the colors!!

  11. I love the pink pants!!!!

    April Lyn

  12. Oooh there we have it! What a great inspiration is this outfit of yours to me. I have the same color 3/4pants from J'Crew, never thought about putting a denim, or even chambray shirt on top! Ha, I keep that in I need to go shopping for a demin/chambray shirt...