Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Stunning Blue Anjolee Earrings

Hello! Remember me? Just like the flowers blooming around us, I have awaken from my deep winter slumber. What has awaken me? It’s a gorgeous pair of diamond and topaz earrings. Don’t judge me, you know that would get you going too!

I was recently introduced to the online store, Anjolee and since then it has become my weakness (and joy!). The jewelry is gorgeous but also add to it that you can customize each piece to your liking and you have the dream jewelry store. Even if you aren’t in the market for jewelry, you should check out their unique site. I am guilty of window shopping by designing a bunch of jewelry and imagining outfits I would pair with it. But hey, dreaming never hurt anyone. Try it out for yourself here. Oh, and you definitely have to check out this diamond anniversary band (see here)

So, of course, I got my own pair of earrings with stunning blue topaz. I paired it with an equally bright blue and delicate blouse to showcase its beauty and a pop of red as a surprise factor.

Check out Anjolee and tell me what piece would help kick start your spring!

What I’m Rockin:
Earrings- c/o Anjolee (get yours here)
Blouse- Brixon Ivy
Jeans- Liverpool Jean Company
Pumps- Zappos

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