Monday, January 16, 2012

Seasonal Transitions

One of the major challenges of being a Florida Fashionista comes around the Winter season. I yearn for the super fabulous fur boots, cozy sweaters, and silky scarves (let me clarify that I don't yearn for the weather just the fashion!). But should I really spend money on an entirely new winter wardrobe? Unfortunately, the answer is no. A cold front for a week in January makes it difficult for me to justify winter purchases. Admittedly, I've had the same sweaters for about 8 years now..sad..I know. To overcome this challenge, I've figured out a few tricks to make my summer and spring outfits more wintery. For this ensemble I exchanged my summer sandals and floppy hat for a long-sleeved shirt, scarf, tights, boots and voila! It’s like I’m not even a Floridian…okay, that might be a stretch.

Fashion Tip: Toss a long-sleeved shirt and sweater over that light summer dress to transform your look into a new winter outfit. Don’t be shy about using your floral dresses either!

What I’m Rockin’:
Sandals – Purchased in Puerto Rico
Floppy hat – Bijoux Terner
Shirt – Target
Scarf  - Bijoux Terner
Tights – Target
Boots – Charlotte Russe
Necklace – Tiffany’s
Dress – Heavenly Couture


  1. I love this post! Couldn't agree more!

    It's sometimes a challenge to dress "winterized" in a warm climate (I also live in Florida) add in blogging and it can become frustrating. I think this is a perfect example of how to dress warm when it's chilly in a warmer state.

    xo Teresa

  2. great styles :)

    your newest follower Michelle

  3. gorgeous look!

  4. EverythingprettygirlsJanuary 17, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Oh great post! I have been bored with my closet, and I definitely need to play around with my summery clothes more.


  5. Fantastic!!
    Sending you loads of love :)


  6. And.....I have to wonder what is this 'cold' 50? Love the hat and the way you 'winterized' that dress :D

  7. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply fab!

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  8. Great re-mixing! :)

    xo Jennifer

  9. This is an awesome transition! The dress is perfect on it own or as a skirt. I agree with you its hard to justify buying winter clothes when we barely get to wear them. I have a sweater or two that I literally worn once because its just never cold enough!

  10. Love how you styled this dress for winter!