Friday, October 18, 2013

I left my heart (but got a blouse) in Mexico

“I’m inspired by different cultures around the world and love to incorporate these facets into my collection.”
– Rachel Roy

This beautiful hand-made blouse found its way to me through a local artisan fair at a village near my husband’s hometown in Mexico. The pattern and style of stitching is common for that region and commonly sold with other stunning crafts such as ceramic pottery and delicate linens. I wore it on a day that we took trips to several villages and I knew I wanted to stop and take photos at this spot as soon as I saw it. At first glance, it may appear to be an old adobe ruin but with a careful look you’ll notice the memory of a lovely home. Colorful paint that once brought life to this house can still be seen peeking out from underneath the surface. And with this traditional blouse I felt like I could have been a part of this home's story. Although I had to keep the styling simple for practical reasons, the simplicity of the outfit brought attention to the intricate design on the blouse. It is the perfect piece that will always remind me of my first trip to Mexico.

Do you bring back unique items from other countries to add to your collection?

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What I’m Rockin’:
Blouse – Local Mexican artisan
Shorts – Forever 21
Sandals – Payless
Sunnies – D&G

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  1. Beautiful top! Yes, I love to buy special things from the places I visit. But I usually buy magazines, though. Back in 2006 I bought two dresses in Paris, and I still have them!